The Health Care Company That Was Born Out of Necessity.

Our founders were just like you.

Caught in the hustle and bustle of life, working hard to achieve great success in their careers. The long working hours, insufficient sleep and inconsistent mealtimes took a toll on their health. 

They dreaded their annual medical check-up as the results would be less than favourable. 

Then they came across a health & wellness product that changed their lives – FOREVER.

They started this journey with a big dream - To Bring Health & Wellness Into Every Household. They saw a need for their products but more importantly there it was a necessity. 


To their family and friends so that they can continue to provide the best for their family – without sacrificing their health.

What started as creating products for their own consumption turned into a life-changing venture. 

That is when CYC Lifecare was born.

Over the years, CYC Lifecare has established itself as a figure of authority in creating a healthier society through educating people about practising healthy habits, having a healthy lifestyle, and providing health products. 

Partnering with only the best in the industry, CYC Lifecare provides premium high-quality products that even we consume.

Not only that, but we are also the authorized distributor for high-quality products such as Rentas Health and Callie disposable face masks, Rensheild Sanitizer, Omniyo Nano 223 Disinfectant and more. 

Being the go-to company for all health and wellness products, we OEM quality health and wellness products for businesses, big and small.

Here at CYC Lifecare, your health is our #1 priority. While you are busy caring for your family, let us care for YOU! 

Life is always better when you have a healthy mind, body and soul.

What better way than the CYC Lifecare way.